Turn On WiFi On iPhone 4s
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Another simple and straightforward article that help you be able to enable WiFi on your iPhone so that you can go online for working, searching or just relaxing.

Turn On WiFi On Your iPhone 4s

  • 1. Turn on or un clock your iPhone and back to Home screen then touch on Settings icon
    iPhone 4s Home Screen

    iPhone 4s Home Screen

  • 2. Find then touch on Wi-Fi icon in Settings screen
    iPhone 4s WiFi Settings

    iPhone 4s WiFi Settings

  • 3. Touch on OFF icon to turn Wi-Fi on in Wi-Fi Networks screen
    iPhone 4s Turn On Wifi

    iPhone 4s Turn On Wifi

  • 4. Your phone will scan for all available WiFi networks. Touch on a one in the list that you would like to connect and type security key if required.
    iPhone 4s WiFi Status

    iPhone 4s WiFi Status

Bonus: in order to Turn WiFi off, simply switch to Off by touching on On icon

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    This one article alone shows off your excellent writing skills. I am very impressed with your views and interesting content. I hope you intend to continue writing more informational articles.

  • http://aniphonecase.com Pauline

    Nice to see an article that doesn’t assume everyone is already a super user. For me and my new iphone these articles are perfect. Thank you.

    • hoanhuynh

      You’re welcome! I’m not a super user too :)

  • Anonymoose

    What if the slider is greyed out?

    • Tammy

      Connect phone to computer backup and update my wifi came back on

  • Charles

    I can not turn on my wi-fi ,when I click on the wi -fi settings it goes like gray and it will not move on or off