How smartly to run windows software on Linux
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Linux has treaded a long path, but you still have to struggle a bit to run a couple of windows based software applications over it especially the PC games meant for windows. However, there are several smart ways of running any window based application over Linux platforms. Indeed, before you actually try to run any old Windows based programs you are supposed to check the options, which run natively over the Linux OS. You could get to see a better experience if you are able to find a good option, which runs without actually fiddling over it. Well, it’s time to explore the smart ways of running the windows application over Linux. Let’s check them out:

Running the software via Wine

Wine is basically a compatibility layer, which helps to run the Windows based software over Linux. It is primarily the Windows API implementation over Linux. Since Microsoft doesn’t share all the information you require to implement the WPI from the scratch hence at such junctures Wine can help you a lot by being a reverse engineered option. To start running the Windows based software over Linux via Wine, you first have to install the Wine over your computer. This tool will then simulate a windows based environment over your Linux based computer, which will help in running the applications for you. It is mostly used to run Windows based games over Linux.

Run via the open source option

In fact, this is among the most common options to run Windows based software over Linux based platforms. For a majority of Windows based application you could find high quality open source option, which could suffice your requirements. The biggest hurdle therefore for the non Linux people is the fact that they are unable to find these options and the right ways to locate them. Once you find a place for this like the site called Osalt all you need to do is to put the name of your Windows based software you want to run over the Linux platform and it will help you in enlisting the open source alternatives for you, which can offer you similar kind of functionality.

Running over the virtual machine

Though you may find some issues with other options including Wine wherein you could encounter few crashes or bug but once you install the virtual machine you would be able to run the desktop application without any hassle. All you need to do is to install Windows over your virtual machine program (VMware Player, KVM or VirtualBox) and you would see your desired application running over the Linux machine. The virtual machines could introduce some of the overheads, however, in the today’s fast pace world computers that run with so many software this option of VM is always a viable solution. At the same time this may not be a perfect option to run games especially the 3D ones.

Running via remote windows system

The last option to run windows software over Linux could be done via remote windows system wherein you control it over your local system. This is generally termed as Terminal Services that run over a Windows based server. This system is very much simple to connect the Windows XP Pro based Workstations using your desktop computers. However, you would require several Linux based workstations to run the Windows based software via this option.

Final word

So if you have Linux based computer and you want to run a couple of windows software application don’t worry, you have several smart ways of doing it. The above options could help in carrying out this task for you.

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