World’s 7 best websites for SEO traffic sources
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You can get traffic from different sources including paid, owned and earned, however, knowing where can you get the best can be called as the half battle won. It may be an easy procedure to categorize your marketing efforts into these heads but it’s very much difficult to extend resources and energies all over these and other possible channels. One of the best sources for SEO traffic includes certain websites, which can give you a good amount of visitors to your blog or website. However, knowing these sites can give you enough opportunities to leverage from these sites and hopefully get good amount of traffic towards your blog/site. These sites are usually social in nature which deals in social news sharing, which covers a wide range of topic including your niche area as well. By remaining active over such sites, which also talks about your niche area can certainly help in getting good amounts of traffic for your website or blog. Let’s check the world’s seven best sites as the best SEO traffic sources in the following paragraph.

1. Reddit

One of the best website sources for SEO traffic is Reddit. It is owned by a known company called Conde Nast Digital, which has been popular in social news sharing since so many years. The users consuming different social news over Reditt are known as ‘Redditors’. This site comprises of a number of news and it has a wide range of topics that are known as Subreddits, which focuses over a number of heading including politics, technology, business and number of other areas. Reddit also has a vital feature, wherein you as a user can receive karma for submitting various known articles.

2. Digg

Another worthy name in this category is a site called Digg, which also deals with a wide range of social news and was created by a former American web entrepreneur called Robert Kevin Rose. In this website, the users (members) are seen voting for different stories, news, etc. which you can like by clicking over the up or down icon. Anyone who Diggs simply means that he or she is simply promoting any specific link that contributes in getting tangible amounts of traffic to your blog or website. More often the topics you come across over Digg deals with technology, entertainment, politics, social life, etc. You can also find a special section dealing with images and videos, which can be helpful in getting traffic to your website or blog.

3. BuzzFlash

Another worthy traffic source site is BuzzFlash, which is basically a user driven political and social news site simply helps in submitting any story that comes from different visitors. The users over this site have the provision to vote for these stories, which ultimately promotes the content and site behind it. In this way, if you post any article over this site and people like them by voting it you can end up getting traffic from the same.

4. Mixx

Another best source for SEO traffic is the site called Mixx. It offers a wide range of general topics and niche areas that you can share over it along with finding out a number of topics dealing with technology, business, sports, politics, social, etc. Also, you can use Mixx in order to tailor a number of your content categories, specific users, tags and several other groups.

5. I Like Totally Love It

Another website in this category is ‘I like Totally Love It, which is basically a very nice domain name. It offers the users to post a wide range of products, which they buy online while the members have the choice to vote the same in case they find it worthy. The top loved one product is seen over the front page of this site, which helps in getting good traffic at your site. So if your products or services, which you promote through this site, are worthy to attract people then these can really give traffic to your site or blog.

6. Delicious

This is basically a social bookmarking site, which allows you to share, save and find out good bookmarks. With Delicious you can share all these bookmarks with your known friends and other people who eventually can help you in getting traffic. Try it out it is completely free and gives a good result.

7. Technorati

This site is basically designed to help a number of bloggers to help in highlighting, gathering, and even distributing over a number of your global online conversations. It can be also called as a blog search engine, which offers people a wide range of niches areas like technology, business, politics, social stuff, sports, etc. All you need to do is to join your relevant group and remain active there to get traffic from this site.

Final word

Getting traffic is an important task, which has a number of methods and sources. One of the best sources is a number of popular websites. The above are some of the best seven sites, which can help in getting good traffic.

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