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In order to preserve cookies across primary domain and its sub domains with or without www and between http and https, you can check out a piece of written in C# code below:

1. Writing Cookie

Example below will write a cookie “your_cookie_name ” with value “your cookie value” and set the cookie’s domain property to

string cookie_str = "your cookie value";
Response.Cookies["your_cookie_name"].Value = cookie_str;
Response.Cookies["your_cookie_name"].Domain = "";

2. Reading Cookie

Response.Write("Your cookie has been written with value: " + HttpContext.Current.Request.Cookies["your_cookie_name"].Value.ToString());

The cookie will then be available to the primary domain ( as well as to all its sub domains such as:,, etc.

It’s also available when you try to access through HTTP or HTTPS with or without www such as: or

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