Know How LinkedIn Can Enhance Your Law Practice Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

A lawyer frequenting social networks too frequently can give the impression that they have nothing better to do. LinkedIn, however, is an exception, since it is a social platform for professionals. When you have a regular presence here, you are actually creating exposure for your brand. The way you work, the types of cases you handle, the price you charge for your services and the quality of what you give in return – these are the things that create your brand for you. Let’s take a closer look at what LinkedIn can do for your professional life as a lawyer. Continue reading

Lawyers be Aware of These 5 Common Online Marketing Mistakes Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

Lawyers need websites like other businesses do since people are now, more than ever, looking to the Internet to search for products and services. There are certain mistakes, however, that we noticed especially amongst solo entrepreneurs and often, specifically lawyers. Here’s the list of what to avoid for lawyers when marketing yourselves online. Continue reading

PHP Remove All Special Characters And Replace Spaces With Hyphens Posted by in PHP | Leave a comment

This PHP function will use Regex (Regular expression) to remove all special characters and replace space with hyphens so your string only has letters and numbers. And then converts them all to lowercase. It makes your link friendly, good for SEO and great for naming your images/photos, url and attached file when publish them online. Continue reading

Top 8 Magento extensions that’ll grow your E-store visitor count Posted by in Tips And Tricks | 1 Comment

Magento has emerged as a leading E-Commerce Development Solution. Irrespective of the type and size of E-commerce website, Magento has served as an effective tool for meeting the customized needs of online merchants. You’ll be surprised to know that today, there are more than 125000 online stores that are being powered by Magento platform. Backed by exceptional features and functionalities, Magento has truly been recommended by professional e-store owners across the world. In this blog, I’ve covered details about 8 best Magento extensions that aid in increasing the visitor count for a Magento powered e-commerce website. So, without further adieu, let’s hop on to these 8 Magento extensions that have made way for eye-catchy and functionally strong e-stores. Continue reading

2014 Marketing Strategies for the Digital Market Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

Year 2013 has taught us a lot about the marketing strategies to be a successful business person. Time has gone when success was measured with traditional methods. Now the only way to measure success is social media shares, number of views on YouTube and obviously the online conversation. Now is the turn of 2014 and everybody is very excited about the new marketing trends in 2014. Continue reading

5 Important Android Apps for Managing Your Budget Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

Living your life in a budget controlled way is actually tough. Do whatever you can do but your budget always overflows a bit or a little more than your expectations. Not your fault, problems are increasing day by day so as the budget. For fulfilling your needs require money and the most difficult thing in this world is balancing your budget and your wishes. But everything has a solution. Continue reading

Android Application Development: Pros and Cons Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

Android operating system of Google is enjoying the largest share of mobile devices these days. All the major manufacturers of mobile device offer a variety of Android smart phones that attract the customers. Android phones are available in different sizes and various models. If compared they are cheaper than Apple and are more reliable. Continue reading

Are we witnessing the Death of Custom Application Development? Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

Custom application development focuses on developing an application according to the exact needs and specifications of the customer instead of providing a packaged, one-size-fits-all solution. Companies that are particular about using software that has features specific to their business environment opt for this form of application development. Continue reading

How iOS WordPress Blogging has Rewired and Rebooted the Internet Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

Through this blog, I’ll be highlighting the ways in which the popularity of iOS WordPress blogging has affected the World Wide Web. Continue reading

World’s 7 best websites for SEO traffic sources Posted by in Internet | Leave a comment

You can get traffic from different sources including paid, owned and earned, however, knowing where can you get the best can be called as the half battle won. Let’s check the world’s seven best sites as the best SEO traffic sources in the following paragraph. Continue reading